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So what is Bia?

Relatable videos and insights

Real people share their stories and strategies of how they've dealt with core parts of life that we usually have to go through alone, like how we speak to ourselves, how we see ourselves and how we show up for ourselves. It's like a ‘hug in a bottle’ - you go to Bia for support, self-empowerment and connection.

Practical techniques to use today

Bia is built from science backed principles distilled down to practical tools. We give you quick and easy ways to integrate techniques into your daily life. We're so bored of platitudes that don't mean anything!

Earn by doing

Every time you watch a video, complete an exercise or share your own tools with the Bia community, you'll earn points towards real life rewards from the coolest brands around.

Pioneers wanted!

Step into the front lines of the mental fitness revolution!
By signing up for early access, you'll be among the first to experience how Bia can reshape your mental agility. And, for being an early member you'll receive special rewards!

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What people are saying so far

“You made me feel so worthy of living I have never got so much love through one video… thank you so much, you are my motivation”

- Taylor, 14

“You have given me a life changing perspective on life… For the first time in years I feel a sense of hope and a hunger for life. I am so so thankful”

- Angel, 16

“To be honest… I had no idea what I was signing up for, but I’m so glad that I did, it has changed my life… words won’t justify how grateful I am”

-Elanor, 18

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better equipped you!
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